3. Enable clinical innovation in complex-acute and specialty care

Clinical innovation will help us transform complex-acute and specialty care services in response to changes in our healthcare system and current and projected population health demographics. This will help us to align our resources to meet the needs of patients and families today and into the future, and will help us to prioritize and invest in the cutting edge tools, approaches, partnerships, and services that deliver efficient, effective, and high quality care. This year we are aiming to deliver a plan that will help us establish an innovation portfolio to ensure that there is accountability embedded within our structure to foster and support innovation at all levels of the organization. 

By 2019:

KHSC is positioned as a leading  centre for complex-acute and specialty care.

In 2018-19, Together with patients and families we will:

Create a clinical innovation portfolio at KHSC.

How are we doing?

Quarterly results will be shared as they become available. Check back soon!

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