Safe, modern facilities are essential for leading-edge acute care, research, and teaching hospitals. In Phase 1 of our hospital redevelopment project, we added 170,000 square feet of new space and renovated an additional 143,000 square feet at our KGH site. Phase 2 includes plans for a brand new neonatal intensive care unit, labour and delivery facilities, labs and operating rooms. This year we are aiming to have all Infrastructure Ontario agreements in place and to hire the planning, design and compliance team.

By 2019:

The Phase 2 redevelopment design process is underway.

In 2018-19, together with patients and families we will:

Ensure our Infrastructure Ontario agreements are in place and the planning, design and compliance team has been hired.

How are we doing?

Quarterly results will be shared as they become available. Check back soon!

For 2017-18 Q4 results, click here.