1. Improve the patient experience through a focus on compassion and excellence

Each year, we submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Our QIP identifies specific priorities for quality improvement in five dimensions including effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centredness, safety, and timeliness. In Fiscal 2017-18 HDH and KGH submitted and implemented site-specific QIPs for KGH and HDH in order to respect Health Quality Ontario timelines and priorities related to our integration. This year represents an important milestone with the submission of our first KHSC QIP for 2018-19. This year we are aiming to reduce readmission rates for patients with COPD and patients admitted with diagnoses related to mental health and addictions. We are also aiming to increase the proportion of palliative patients who are discharged home with support and the proportion of patients receiving medication reconciliation upon admission; achieve high levels of patient satisfaction with the care patients receive at KHSC and with the information they receive when they are leaving the hospital; improve timely communication by reducing the number of days from clinic appointment to verification of dictated letters; and to decrease  the number of workplace violence incidents.  Click here for more information on our hospital QIP.

Accreditation is a voluntary process for health-care organizations to assess care and service against national standards of excellence. Historically, hospitals have worked hard to prepare for accreditation surveys and address recommendations and improvement opportunities contained in accreditation reports. Organizations have not often developed and implemented plans to maintain accreditation readiness. The consequence is a four-year cycle of exhausting accreditation preparation followed by recovery. This year we are aiming to develop an accreditation sustainability plan that ensures we learn from our most recent accreditation experience, build accreditation leadership capacity, embed accreditation standards and other best practices in our quality planning and our way of doing business at KHSC.

By 2019:

KHSC is a top performer on the essentials of quality, care, and service.

In 2018-19, Together with patients and families we will:

Achieve or exceed eighty percent of our Quality Improvement Plan targets;

Incorporate an accreditation sustainability plan into our annual quality planning cycle to learn, improve and model excellence.

How are we doing?

Quarterly results will be shared as they become available. Check back soon!

For 2017-18 Q4 results, click here.