Our Phase 2 redevelopment project will enhance our ability to fulfill our role as the region's complex-acute and specialty care provider. However, before any construction can begin, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care must be satisfied that KHSC will be able to meet its 'local share' of the costs, and this is where the support of our internal and external community is vital. Work is underway through the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation to ensure the necessary funds can be raised in the next few years and they are counting on KHSC leaders and employees to lead the way. If all goes well on this front, Phase 2 redevelopment construction could begin as early as 2020.

BY 2019:

KHSC has a viable plan to fund the local share of our Phase 2 redevelopment project

IN 2017-18 together with patients and families, WE WILL:

The KHSC leadership and employee giving campaign is launched with exemplary leadership participation


Fundraising plans are being established to reach out to all members of this group to consider making a donation. Many individuals have been contacted already.  The current participation rate of members from this group that were asked for donations is strong for the second quarter of the year. Typically a majority of donors give between the months of October to December. The third quarter results will show improvement in this number as the individuals in this group are contacted about considering a donation to the campaign.