3. Drive clinical innovation in complex-acute and specialty care

Our clinical innovation strategy will help us transform complex-acute and specialty care services in response to  changes in our health-care system and current and projected population health demographics. It will help us align our resources where they are needed most to meet the needs of patients and families today and into the future. It will also help us prioritize and invest in the cutting edge tools, approaches, partnerships and services that deliver efficient, effective, high quality care. This year, we will develop and implement a clinical innovation strategy for KGH that aligns and integrates with all parts of our regional health-care system to ensure we are delivering comprehensive, high quality care to the residents of southeastern Ontario.

By 2018:

KGH is positioned as a leading centre for complex-acute and specialty care

In 2016-17 we will:

Implement a clinical innovation strategy that aligns and integrates with our health-care system

How are we doing?

In our first quarter (Q1), April to June, we created an accountability structure to oversee the strategy development process, we created individual strategy templates for each of our clinical programs and services and began the work of populating them with data that will inform strategic decisions at the program level. We had planned to assign program and department-level MRPs to create clinical program strategies but with the recent KGH-HDH integration announcement, we have deferred this deliverable while the transition structures are being created so that we can move forward in an integrated fashion. As of this quarter (Q3 - October to December), our focus continues to be clinical engagement in the KGH-HDH integration process as a foundation for developing the eventual clinical strategy for the new integrated hospital organization.


As a result of our decision to integrate with Hotel Dieu Hospital, we have placed the plan to develop a clinical innovation strategy on hold until the new integrated organization is in place. We anticipate the new organization will be formed by April 1, 2017 and at that point, the process to develop a new strategy can begin.