It takes people to deliver Outstanding Care, Always.  Patients and families at KGH are served by thousands of highly-educated health-care professionals and providing them with a positive, dynamic, healthy workplace is a top priority. One of the ways we will achieve is by creating regular opportunities for front-line staff to interact with our senior executive team to strengthen their connections, improve their mutual understanding of  front-line care issues and big-picture organization and system issues so that we can all make the best decisions and improvements for patients, families, the hospital and our regional health system. This year, our senior executive team is committed to doing rounds with staff throughout the hospital each month.

By 2018:

Conduct staff rounds with senior leadership every month

In 2016-17 we will:

Empower our people to transform the patient experience

How are we doing?

Our recent engagement survey suggests that by increasing visibility and interaction with members of the senior executive team, we can improve KGH staff and physician engagement. This year we are aiming to improve trust by opening up the lines of communication between staff and executives and fostering mutual understanding of issues and concerns in the organization. In our first quarter (Q1), April to June, we created a plan for executive rounds, as well as a master schedule and shared calendar to help us track bi-weekly executive rounds. As of Q3, our executive team members have been conducting rounds throughout the hospital consistently as scheduled and the feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff members are noticing the presence of the executive team and are appreciating the opportunity to speak with executives, share their ideas, questions and concerns and build relationships with executives. 


Yes, we are on track to meet the target of every senior executive conducting bi-weekly rounds.