We believe that creating a workplace where people feel empowered will improve the patient experience at KHSC. This means creating a leadership model that drives collaboration and ensures good decisions are made closer to those who are accountable and poised to implement. This year, we will design, implement, and support a distributed-leadership structure with tables and decision frameworks that provide role clarity and enable people to perform to the full scope of their decision-making responsibilities. These improvements are consistent with building trust in an organization, engagement and as the KHSC became a larger entity, support more nimble decision-making, role clarity, efficiency and potential for innovation.

By 2019:

Empower our people and patient partners to improve the patient experience

In 2017-18 together with patients and families, we will:

Implement a distributed-leadership structure that enhances collaboration and  decision-making

How are we doing?

A Strategic Operations Committee (SOC) was created and team members of primarily directors, were selected. This was launched in Q2 with regular meetings scheduled, policies being approved and a terms of reference was also completed. A Physician Advisory Council was created to allow further input from all stakeholder groups. A reformed Leadership Forum/Management and Communications Committee also began after feedback was gathered, called 'Leaders Connection'. This format and intent was reviewed to meet the needs of leaders at both sites with hosts being any leader rather than only an executive member.