Keeping pace with emerging technology is essential in the business of health care. This year, we are working with partners to explore a regional Health Information System in order to strengthen our health care delivery in southeastern Ontario; continuing our partnership with the SE LHIN on the electronic workflow and communications with community care partners; implementing WiFi service at the Hotel Dieu site to enable our new medical education model, clinical practice and an improved patient experience; enabling technologies to support our Kingston Health Sciences Centre integration by consolidating core IT infrastructure and developing a plan for back-office business systems such as Finance, Payroll, Human Resources and web communications.

By 2019:

Rapid transmission of information improves care and operational efficiency

In 2017-18 together with patients and families, we will:

Implement strategic technology projects on schedule and on budget

How are we doing?

Check back soon for an update on our performance and progress against this target. Our first quarter results will be posted and available in October 2017.