Keeping pace with emerging technology is essential in the business of health care. This year, we are focusing on several strategic technology projects that will help us to work smarter and more efficiently. We are working with our partners through the Health Care Tomorrow process to explore a regional Health Information System that will improve communication and collaboration across the seven hospitals in our LHIN, while enabling a more seamless patient experience.  The Connecting Northern and Eastern Ontario (cNEO) project will connect silos of information and result in a more coordinated approach to health care in the province. We are also exploring opportunities to introduce electronic workflow and communications with our community care partners. We are creating a new staff intranet to create a powerful platform for information sharing and engagement for everyone who works, learns and volunteers at our hospital. And, we're exploring opportunities to improve supply management in our hospital by automating processes and creating efficiency.

By 2018:

Rapid transmission of information improves care and operational efficiency

In 2016-17 we will:

Implement strategic technology projects on schedule and on budget

How are we doing?

In our second quarter (Q2), July to September, each of our projects are on track. 

Our review has confirmed that the approach contemplated for a regional Health Information System (HIS) project is well aligned to provincial directives. It also validates that the next step is to complete a ‘Total Cost of Ownership’. The regional hospitals supported this approach and provided funding to begin this work in Q3. 

Connecting Ontario Stage 2 technical development is underway for KGH, HDH and Brockville General Hospital. Three additional hospitals signed Memoranda of Understanding in Q2 (Lennox & Addington County General Hospital, Perth-Smiths Falls General Hospital and Quinte Health Care).  change management phase continues to build awareness throughout all of the SE LHIN hospitals. 

A project charter was approved in Q2 and work is well underway on a live prototype of our new corporate intranet, which will improve internal communication throughout KGH. The go-live date for this new tool is currently estimated to take place at the end of Q3. 

A project charter, defining the scope, objectives and solution for the automation and optimization of the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) referral process is awaiting approval. The project’s execution phase is scheduled to begin in Q3. 

A project for the implementation of an Inventory Control and Management Solution for the operating room (OR) has been kicked off. The definition of a technical solution and project scope are pending the conclusion of the discovery phase. 


Currently we are on track with the expected performance of this target with five of the five strategic technology projects hitting planned milestones indicating that overall progress is on schedule and within budget. The HIS Request for Proposal (RFP) and Connecting Ontario projects will continue into Fiscal 2018 as planned.