Safe, modern facilities are essential for leading-edge acute care, research, and teaching hospitals. In Phase 1 of our hospital redevelopment project, we added 170,000 square feet of new space and renovated an additional 143,000 square feet at our KGH site. This year, we are aiming to submit the functional program for our Phase 2 redevelopment project to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care by the fall of 2017. Phase 2 includes plans for a brand new neonatal intensive care unit, labour and delivery facilities, labs and operating rooms.

By 2019:

Phase 2 redevelopment preliminary designs are complete

In 2017-18 together with patients and families, we will:

The Phase 2 redevelopment functional program is submitted to MOHLTC

How are we doing?

Check back soon for an update on our performance and progress against this target. Our first quarter results will be posted and available in October 2017.