Safe, modern facilities are essential for leading-edge acute care, research and teaching hospitals. In Phase 1 of our hospital redevelopment project, we added 170,000 square-feet of new space and renovated an additional 143,000 square-feet at KGH. This year, we're focused on obtaining approval for our Phase 2 redevelopment project, which includes plans for a brand new neonatal intensive care unit, labour and delivery facilities, labs and operating rooms.

By 2018:

Phase 2 functional planning is complete

In 2016-17 we will:

Obtain approval to proceed with Phase 2 redevelopment

How are we doing?

In our second quarter (Q2), July to September, the Minister of Health and Long-Term care delivered a letter confirming $2.5 million in funding to support the planning for our phase 2 redevelopment project. An overall investment of over $13 million was announced for the Kingston area with Kingston General Hospital receiving a total of $9.2 million in funding. The balance of $6.7 million represents an increase in our operating budget.

In continuing to support the evolving care needs of our community, modern facilities are essential for supporting leading-edge acute care, research and teaching hospitals. Phase 2 redevelopment plans at KGH include new equipment, building new facilities and adding modern technology in key areas of the hospital, including Clinical Laboratories, Neonatal Intensive Care, Labour and Delivery, Operating Rooms, the Emergency Department and our data centre. 

Next quarter, we will begin preparations for functional programming of our redevelopment spaces. This includes data submissions to update our projected patient volumes and related activity, as well as engaging a consultant to manage the functional programming process. 


Yes, we are on track with our planned milestones to proceed with functional programming for our Phase 2 redevelopment project.