As part of our commitment to improving access to high quality health care while sustaining the financial health of our organization, we aim to complete the full volume of services that we are funded to deliver this year. This includes all available cardiac and cancer surgeries, diagnostic imaging services, and Quality Based Procedures that we offer. When we meet our funded service volumes, we retain the full amount of funding that has been allocated to our health sciences centre, which enables us to maximize access to high-quality health care for patients in southeastern Ontario. This model of activity-based funding is part of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Health System Funding Reform that aims to improve hospital efficiency and access to care while ensuring transparency and accountability of health care spending. To help us deliver on this target, we will undertake work to identify and act on opportunities for improvement across in all clinical areas where we are not currently completing all our funded service volumes.

By 2019:

KHSC is a top operational performer amongst Ontario teaching hospitals

In 2017-18 together with patients and families, we will:

Implement quality improvement initiatives to maximize access to care for our patients

How are we doing?

This is a new metric that we have implemented as a measure of KHSC's ability to provide stewardship of funded procedures. Resources have been realigned to support and optimize from an integration perspective. Measuring and monitoring processes are in place to evaluate on a regular basis, and it is anticipated that we will achieve all of the available funded volumes for fiscal 2018.