As part of our commitment to sustaining the financial health of our organization and be a top operational performer amongst our teaching hospital peers,  we are aiming to ensure that Quality Based Procedures  (QBPs) are effectively delivered in our hospital. QBPs are a key feature of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's health system funding reform and have been introduced in clinical areas that demonstrate significant opportunity to introduce evidence into clinical pathways, reduce practice variation, attain cost efficiencies, and being to align quality with funding. This year, KGH is responsible for delivering  a set volume of QBPs within set cost parameters in 19 of our clinical areas. To help us perform within the expected costs of our QBPs, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the cost elements for each QBP, identify and act on efficiency opportunities.

By 2018:

KGH is a top operational performer amongst Ontario teaching hospitals

In 2016-17 we will:

Identify the top three efficiency opportunities for all Quality Based Procedures

How are we doing?

In our second quarter (Q2), July to September, we identified three priority areas for QBP efficiency including supply management, ICU length of stay and unit clerk role standardization. We have completed a cost analysis within each of these areas. The QBP Steering Committee has overseen the efficiency analysis and recommended priority areas to be addressed by program-based QBP teams and a project was created to automate the supply management process, starting with the OR. A deeper analysis focused on issues related to ICU length of stay included comparisons to our peer hospitals that are helping us define specific interventions to optimize our length of stay and related costs. We are beginning to standardize unit clerk workflows to improve the consistency of our registration processes across the hospital, which will improve the accuracy of our case costing. 


Yes, we are on track to meet our planned QBP efficiency milestones.