5. Maximize our education, research and academic health sciences potential

The Kingston General Health Research Institute is dedicated to building innovative partnerships and pursuing research excellence through a collaborative approach that leverages the combined strengths of our partners from the Kingston hospitals and Queen's University. This year, KGHRI is leading an initiative to establish a unified Kingston-wide Health Research Institute in which we can all work together to generate and translate new knowledge into effective therapies, treatments, and best practices that will benefit patients everywhere.

Each year, Kingston Health Sciences Centre welcomes more than 100 medical residents who spend several years with us, caring for patients at both sites, while completing their training to become full physicians. This year, they will be trained and assessed using a new model called competency-based medical education (CBME); Queen's University is the first school in North America to implement it across all of its specialty programs at once. In this new system, residents will be promoted not based on the amount of time they spend in each clinical rotation, but rather when they have achieved competency in the clinical tasks and activities expected of them at each stage of their training. Over the course of the year, KHSC will work together with Queen's School of Medicine to implement the new model, respond to feedback and continuously improve the system.

By 2019:

The Kingston-wide Health Research Institute is a legally-incorporated entity with charitable status and approved for the purposes of Scientific Research and Experimental Development Credits

Patients, families and staff contribute to medical education in all areas of KHSC through participation in Competency-Based Medical Education


KHSC meets commitments to support the creation of the Kingston-wide Health Research Institute

KHSC implements the in-hospital components of Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) and develops a framework to evaluate the application of CBME principles within inter-professional education

How are we doing?

Check back soon for an update on our performance and progress against these targets. Our first quarter results will be posted and available in October 2017.