1. Transform the patient experience through a relentless focus on quality, safety and service

Each year, we submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Our QIP identifies specific priorities for quality improvement in five dimensions including effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centredness, safety and timeliness.  In this year's QIP, we are aiming to reduce readmission rates and unnecessary time spent in acute care, improve patient satisfaction, avoid patient falls, increase the proportion of patients receiving medication reconciliation upon admission, reduce hospital acquired infection rates and the prevalence of skin ulcers and reduce emergency department wait times. 

By 2018:

KGH is a top performer on the essentials of quality, safety and service.

In 2016-17 we will:

Achieve or exceed eighty percent of quality improvement plan targets.

How are we doing?

As of our second quarter (Q2), July to September, we are achieving 5 of 9, or 56 per cent, of our Quality Improvement Plan targets.  

The four red indicators have remained relatively unchanged over three to four quarters due to persistent challenges with patient flow in our hospital. Two are related to patient satisfaction with our emergency department (ED), one is related to ED wait times and one is related to the high number of patients whose acute care is complete and are waiting in our hospital to receive care in a more appropriate setting.

Focused work by our Pharmacy teams has led to steady improvements in the number of patients who are having their medications reconciled on admission to KGH, which is an important contributor to medication safety. Hand Hygiene compliance has increased steadily over the last three quarters and has been green since Q1 thanks to the efforts of our Infection, Prevention and Control team. We also experienced the lowest rate of patient falls in five quarters as a result of a heightened focus on consistently implementing the Falling Star program, conducting falls risk assessments, and conducting detailed reviews of causes and opportunities for improvement when patient falls do occur. 

For more detailed information on how we are performing on our KGH Quality Improvement Plan please review the latest quarterly KGH QIP performance report.

Are we on track to meet the target by year end (March 31, 2017)?

There is a risk that we will not meet our aim of achieving 80 percent of our QIP targets by year end due to our ongoing challenges with patient flow. There are a number of patient flow initiatives taking place within KGH and with our regional partners with a focus on reducing the number of patients waiting in our hospital for Alternate Levels of Care (ALC), reducing Emergency Department (ED) wait times and improving the patient experience in our ED.