1. Transform the patient experience through a relentless focus on quality, safety and service

Each year, we submit a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Our QIP identifies specific priorities for quality improvement in five dimensions including effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centredness, safety and timeliness.  In this year's QIP, we are aiming to reduce readmission rates and unnecessary time spent in acute care, improve patient satisfaction, avoid patient falls, increase the proportion of patients receiving medication reconciliation upon admission, reduce hospital acquired infection rates and the prevalence of skin ulcers and reduce emergency department wait times. 

By 2018:

KGH is a top performer on the essentials of quality, safety and service.

In 2016-17 we will:

Achieve or exceed eighty percent of quality improvement plan targets.

How are we doing?

As of our third quarter (Q3), October to December, we are achieving 6 of 9, or 67 per cent, of our Quality Improvement Plan targets.  

The cumulative QIP target has seen an overall improvement with many indicators at Green or Yellow. The Emergency Department (ED) patient experience questions improved from red to yellow despite the red indicator ED wait times.  One could assume the Initiatives and staff interactions with patients in the ED has been positively recognized.   Focused work by Pharmacy and Infection, Prevention and Control have seen significant gains in Medication reconciliation and Hand hygiene compliance producing a 2nd straight green quarter.  Falls reduction initiatives continue to demonstrate favourably.

For more detailed information on how we are performing on our KGH Quality Improvement Plan please review the latest quarterly KGH QIP performance report.

Are we on track to meet the target by year end (March 31, 2017)?

We are on track to have 7 of 9 QIP indicators meet their targets.  However, two indicators will remain red - ED wait time for all admitted patients and Alternate Levels of Care (ALC).   There are a number of patient flow initiatives and specific tactics taking place within KGH and with our regional partners to address these two indicators.