2. Improve the experience of our people through a focus on worklife quality

Healthcare organizations are required to conduct employee, physician, and volunteer surveys to measure satisfaction and workplace engagement. These surveys have identified opportunities for improvement with respect to cultivating a safe, healthy, and caring work environment. This year, we will create an integrated engagement strategy that explores the current state of engagement at the HDH and KGH sites and considers factors in our external landscape to help us understand the best way to move forward as a new health sciences centre. We will look at ‘real time’ engagement feedback loops, the synergies between employees, physicians, and volunteers, and how we might conduct department and program specific surveys to get a holistic picture of engagement across our teams. Once we have finalized our integrated engagement strategy we will launch a new engagement program aimed at creating a KHSC community that people are proud and inspired to be part of.

By 2019:

Our people are  inspired and proud to be part of the KHSC community.

In 2017-18 Together with patients and families, we will:

Develop an integrated engagement strategy that supports a safe, healthy and caring work environment

How are we doing?

Check back soon for an update on our performance and progress against this target. Our first quarter results will be posted and available in October 2017.