2. Transform the workplace experience through a focus on work-life quality

More than 65 per cent of employees and 37 per cent of physicians completed engagement surveys in 2015, identifying opportunities for both team-based and organization-wide improvements. This year, teams will continue to implement engagement action plans that address specific issues that are important to them. At a corporate level, we are focused on strengthening trust and recognition and will conduct a follow up engagement survey in the fall of 2017 to gauge our progress. 

By 2018:

Our people are inspired and proud to work at KGH

In 2016-17 we will:

Address the top three opportunities for improvement in engagement

How are we doing?

As of our third quarter (Q3), October to December, we have developed a program to address two of the biggest opportunities for improvement as identified in our employee engagement survey results -   build recognition and creating a culture of appreciation. As part of this program, we held two leadership days in this quarter and are planning two more in January to March 2017. At the same time, we engaged an external consultant to help us design and facilitate a director level engagement program that will roll out in the new year. We also completed planning for a touchstone engagement survey that we will deliver in the next quarter in order to take pulse on our efforts at improving engagement this year. We are also on track with the planned employee engagement milestones with the exception of the completion of all team engagement plans. Currently, 92 per cent of leaders have completed their plans and we are following up with those that are outstanding so that we are able to address all our team level engagement issues. The analysis of the team engagement plans that we do have has been completed which led us to the development of the recognition and leadership development programs we are rolling out over the remainder of the year to help us build a culture of appreciation.

 Implementing the priority action items in the physician engagement strategy is ongoing and we are on track with those milestones.

This quarter we also focused on educating our allied health care staff members about how volunteers support patients and families in their program areas. We changed our new staff orientation presentation to specifically highlight the value that volunteers deliver in the clinical programs and how they can support our care teams. We continued clinical program meetings to keep volunteers connected to life within their programs and support their role on the teams. We are also adjusting the planned volunteer engagement milestones in light of our upcoming integration with Hotel Dieu Hospital to take a more holistic approach to volunteer engagement at each hospital site. In the next quarter, we plan to host a focus group with volunteers to understand how we can best communicate with them.


Yes we are on track to meet the planned engagement strategy milestones.