Mike McDonald

Chief Nursing Executive and EVP Patient Care and Community Partnerships

E-mail: Mike.McDonald@Kingstonhsc.ca
Alternate Contact: Tracey Cuddington
Alternate Phone: 613-544-3400 x 2319
Alternate e-mail: Tracey.Cuddington@Kingstonhsc.ca

Mike McDonald RN, BScN, MPA

A visionary leader, when Mike sees a need in the health care environment he finds a way to meet that need. His entrepreneurial approach, informed by 32 years of health care experience, is evidenced in the successful implementation of key clinical programs at Hotel Dieu Hospital site including a provincial Bariatric Centre of Excellence, re-envisioned Chronic Pain Program that provides pain management to patients closer to home, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Urgent Consult Clinic, and Dermatology program, which includes a Mohs microsurgery service.

In his former role as Chief of Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive at Hotel Dieu Hospital site, Mike had operational and strategic responsibility for all clinical programs at Hotel Dieu including Urgent Care, Surgery, Medicine, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Professional Practice, Pharmacy and Laboratory Services. Mike is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing and a Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences and School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. He has served as a consultant for provincial hospitals, offering his considerable expertise in emergency care, urgent care and ambulatory care.