Kristen Spring

Patient & Family Advisory Council member

Why are you a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council?

KGH can only be patient centered if Family and Patient Advisors are willing to help with this process. I believe strongly in the principles of respect, engagement, accountability, transparency and value for money, principles that KGH has adopted, making it essential for me to be a part of the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

What committee/working groups/projects do you feel you made the greatest impact/enjoyed the most/have been the most rewarding?

I can't really say that any one committee, project or working group has been any more rewarding than another. However, having a physical disability and also being a senior has helped me to be able to bring to the table a sensitivity to issues that pertain to persons with disabilities and or seniors. My presence and knowledge helps bring perspectives that might otherwise be overlooked.

What’s the best thing about being a patient Experience Advisor?

The best thing about being a Patient Experience Advisor is knowing that I can help make a difference. I can learn and understand more about KGH but I also can help bring my own perspective as well as those of others that might not otherwise be understood.