Clinical Research Centre

Our mandate is to facilitate both the quality and efficiency of clinical research activities. We provide support to all health professionals involved in clinical research at Kingston General Hospital and associated hospitals.
Senior Biostatistician
Andrew Day, MSc
Phone (613) 549-6666, ext. 4998
Email: Andrew Day
Research Methodologist
Wilma M. Hopman, MA
Phone (613) 549-6666, ext. 4941
Manager, Health Sciences Research
Veronica Harris-McAllister, MSc
Phone (613) 549-6666, ext. 3653
Clinical Data Analysts
Xuran Jiang - MSc
Xiaoqun Sun - MSc
Miao Wang - MSc
Activities of the Clinical Research Centre
  • Assist with planning, methodology, proposal development and ethics submissions
  • Provide input into data collection issues such as the correct tools, data base set-up, data coding and data management
  • Assist in questionnaire design and data collection tools
  • Biostatistical support, including planning, analysis and interpretation
  • Assist with dissemination, including abstracts, presentations and preparation of manuscripts  
Examples of situations where we can help
  • You have a research question but are uncertain as to the best study design to use
  • You are ready to start collecting data but are uncertain as to how to set up the data base in the most appropriate way (e.g. in a way that facilitates statistical analysis)
  • Your data are collected and you need assistance with the analysis
  • Your analysis is done, but you are not sure what it means
  • You would like to write an abstract or paper, but are not sure how to proceed
  • You have written an abstract or paper and would like some constructive criticism on analysis and form
Research groups within the Clinical Research Centre
  • Emergency Medicine and Injury Research Group
  • Clinical Evaluation Research Unit
  • Quality/End of Life Care Studies
  • Queen’s Perinatal Research Unit
  • Nursing Research
  • Asthma Research Unit