Emergency Medicine and Injury Research Group

Queen's University Departments of Emergency Medicine and Community Health and Epidemiology have developed a collaborative research program of applied epidemiological and medical research, the Emergency Medicine and Injury Research Group (EMIRG). This program has a special focus on injury prevention and control. The EMIRG unit is housed in Kingston General Hospital, and is currently staffed by three faculty (Dr. William Pickett, Dr. Rob Brison, Dr. Marco Siviloth), a nurse coordinator, a research associate, a project coordinator, and a unit secretary. Specific research foci include the surveillance and/or study of agricultural injuries, child injuries, intentional injuries (e.g. homicide, suicide), neurotrauma, whiplash disorders, and the applied use of cardiac markers in the emergency department. The EMIRG group coordinates a national program for the surveillance of agricultural injuries (the Canadian Agricultural Injury Surveillance Program or CAISP), and is a regional site of the Canadian Hospitals Injury Research and Prevention Program (CHIRPP).