History of the KGH Auxiliary

It is written that on a cold and wintry night in 1905, the Kingston General Hospital management committee met to discuss the lack of cleanliness in the hospital, the inadequate linen supply, the poor meals and what was described as the ‘shocking’ waste. These problems were targeted to housekeeping so committee members suggested the hospital follow the example of others and establish a women's auxiliary to deal with the situation. And so began the Women’s Aid.

During the ensuing years, men joined the ranks as valuable contributing members and it was decided to rename the organization to Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary on January 1, 1988. 

Since its inception, the KGH Auxiliary has established itself as a vibrant and important branch of the hospital. The Auxiliary reaches out to patients every day through volunteers at the Help Desk in the main lobby, the reception desk in ICU, special care visits, hair care and family service facilities.

Fundraising plays a vital role in Auxiliary through the Millennium Fundraising Committee, Gift Shop, Café/Tuck Shop, Lottery Booth and HELPP lottery.  The KGH Auxiliary has contributed many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past century to the hospital for essential equipment and has also provided funds for new development and upgrades to operating rooms, renal unit and Central Processing Services.

With more than 400 members including members of the Queen's Student Auxiliary Branch, the Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary continues to be a dynamic force within the hospital.

Download a slide show featuring pictures of the gift shop and coffee shop over the last five decades.