Volunteer @ KGH

More than 800 volunteers contribute their time as well as their skills and expertise to 50 programs, services, departments and units throughout Kingston General Hospital. They connect with patients, provide respite for family members, and complement the high quality care of professional staff.

As a volunteer, you can gain personal satisfaction from helping others, meet new people, learn more about the health care system and obtain valuable experience relevant to your future employment or educational plans.

Be a part of the KGH volunteer community.  You will make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families!

Your willingness to help people and share some of your valuable time will allow Kingston General Hospital to provide Outstanding care, always.

You Can Make a Difference at Kingston General Hospital!

Incredible numbers at Kingston General Hospital.  Over the past year…

  • 800+ volunteers, including 326 Queen's University, St Lawrence College and Royal Military College students, contributed 70,000 hours of their time
  • 447 cardiac patients received 1,739 visits from Helping Hearts volunteers
  • 6,325 newly admitted patients were visited by the Patient Relations volunteers
  • Proceeds from Break-Open ticket sales purchased 75 new wheelchairs
  • OLG Lottery Booth proceeds exceeded $27,000
  • KGH Auxiliary Retail Services & Fundraising efforts raised $767,681 toward redevelopment efforts and patient comforts
  • 7 volunteers received Ontario Service Awards from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

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​Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society. It is offering time, energy and skills of one's own free will. It is an extension of being a good neighbour, transforming a collection of houses into a community, as people become involved in the improvement of their surroundings and choose to help others. By caring and contributing to change, volunteers decrease suffering and disparity, while they gain skills, self-esteem and change their lives. People work to improve the lives of their neighbours and, in return, enhance their own.
Volunteer Canada (Link to www.volunteer.ca )

Volunteering builds your social networks, increases your skills, reduces stress and promotes health and wellness.
Volunteering & Healthy Aging:  volunteer50plus.ca


...encourages interaction between people living in a community and strengthens community connections.

...boosts your own health: feeling connected to community can also play a key role in how healthy you feel.

...reduces your stress: The key may lie in the sense of calmness that comes from helping others, also known as the helper's high. 

...appears to give new meaning to life, reducing anxiety and depression and increasing life satisfaction.