6. Contribute to and support a high-performing regional health-care system with our partners

As part of our business case for integrating KGH and HDH to form our new Kingston Health Sciences Centre, we targeted a financial savings of $3.7 million over three years. This year, we are aiming to achieve $1.25 million of those savings by streamlining our operations in a few key areas. We will conduct an IT systems review that will help us to harmonize our corporate information systems such as payroll, human resource and financial management systems. And, we will continue to review our departments and processes across both sites to identify additional opportunities to integrate our corporate services and find operational efficiencies.

By 2019:

KHSC is part of an integrated and sustainable regional health-care system


Advance Kingston Health Sciences Centre integration deliverables

How are we doing?

For Q1 we are currently tracking at $993K in savings compared to our annual target of $1.25M. These are savings that will be re-directed into patient care at KHSC. We are on track to meet annual target of $1.25M in savings for 2017/18 as other savings items are being identified.