We believe that creating a workplace where people feel empowered will improve the patient experience at KHSC. This means creating a leadership model that drives collaboration and ensures good decisions are made closer to those who are accountable and poised to implement. This year, we will design, implement, and support a distributed-leadership structure with tables and decision frameworks that provide role clarity and enable people to perform to the full scope of their decision-making responsibilities.

By 2019:

Empower our people and patient partners to improve the patient experience

In 2017-18 together with patients and families, we will:

Implement a distributed-leadership structure that enhances collaboration and  decision-making

How are we doing?

This quarter our focus was to assess, design and begin to implement a more distributed‑leadership structure.

In Q1, new corporate structures and organizational charts were developed and solidified in administrative, support and clinical areas to better align programs and services, which in turn will support improved decision making. Leaders across KHSC were engaged in preliminary consultations to determine the possibility of creating a directors table to ensure decision‑making is occurring at the right place with the right people.  A clinical ethicist was hired for the KGH site to consult and support ethical decision‑making and discernment for clinical teams. A review of the committee structures and available data was undertaken, including engagement survey results to inform the path forward and to develop targets to measure performance. The leadership development plan and opportunities were reviewed with a lens of KHSC current and future needs. Our first KHSC Leadership Celebration took place, which received very positive feedback. The opportunity for getting to know colleagues from each site and networking were rated highly. The keynote speaker, Dr. Ivan Joseph, spoke about building high performing teams, team cohesion, setting expectations and your transcendent purpose.