Patient Declaration of Values

Compassionate, patient- and family-centred care is at the core of everything we do at KHSC.  

As part of the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA), every hospital in Ontario is required to create a Patient Declaration of Values in consultation with its community, and to make that declaration public. The declaration of values is intended to help hospitals continue to put patients first and move toward patient-centred care by clarifying what Ontarians can expect from their health care organizations.

Click here for the HDH patient declaration of values.


Many hospitals have a set of principles, or values, that were created through a process of public consultation. In 2010, KGH undertook an extensive stakeholder engagement process to help design a new long-term strategy for our organization. We reached out to our patients and families, members of our local and regional communities, partner organizations and staff and asked people what was important to them and how we could bring our commitment to Outstanding Care, Always to life.

We conducted numerous facilitated groups sessions, web surveys and telephone interviews as part of the process and the feedback was all posted on our website so that people could see how their input contributed to the final strategy. We are proud of the fact that over 2,000 voices helped shape the development of the new strategy for KGH. We are deeply committed to ensuring that those voices continue to be heard as we move forward and translate the strategy into action.

While the terminology of our declaration is different, KGH is proud to report that we meet, and we believe exceed, the requirements of the Act.

One of the cornerstones of our strategy, KGH 2015, is a set of principles that our stakeholders helped to define:

  • Respect: We treat every person we encounter the same way we like to be treated ourselves.
  • Engagement: We encourage and support the involvement of our internal and external communities in all aspects of KGH life.
  • Accountability: We are responsible for the decisions we make and the results we achieve as individuals and teams.
  • Transparency: While respecting the privacy of our patients and staff, we communicate clearly, openly and honestly about everything we do. We do not hide from difficult conversations, and we share both our success and our opportunities for improvement.
  • Value for money: We are responsible stewards of resources, striving always to achieve the greatest results for the money entrusted to us over both the short and the long term

These principles have been embraced by the organization and are the guiding forces that underpin our behaviors and actions every single day, as we achieve our aim of Outstanding Care, Always.

Our principles have also been embraced by our new Patient and Family Advisory Council, which was launched as part of our strategy. The principles are a key feature of the patient and family-centered model of care now being rolled out across the organization and will be reflected in our patient education material going forward. In addition, our patient relations process, staff orientation and leadership development programs and our quality improvement plans are all informed by these principles. Our mission is to transform the patient and family experience. Living by our principles every day is one of the key ways we will bring our mission to life.

We will also continue to engage and gather feedback from people, and we will be posting more information in the coming months on how you can be involved in some of our new outreach activities. We welcome your comments and encourage you to let us know how we are doing. Your voice matters.

We  invite you to learn more about the role and activities of our Patient and Family Advisory Council and how our principles are reflected in the life of KGH.