Patient Experience Advisors

In addition to our Patient and Family Advisory Council, Patient Experience Advisors ensure the patient and family’s voice is heard on councils and committees throughout KGH.

In total, there are now over 180 active positions on 88 long and short term committees across the organization where Patient Experience Advisors are partnering with staff to improve the patient experience.

If you, or a loved one, have had an experience of care at KGH and would be interested in partnering with staff and physicians please consider becoming an advisor. Information on the advisor's role and how to apply is included in the following documents:

The current patient representatives for each council are:

  • Cardiac - Patrick Dickey, Cliff Edwards and Adrien Langlois
  • ​Critical Care - ​Donna Perrin
  • ​Emergency - ​Mary Grace Amann and Betty Harlow
  • ​Medicine - ​Vivian Bethell and Phyllis Davis​
  • ​Mental Health - Anne O’Riordan and Reid Cunningham
  • ​Obs/Gyn - Amanda Ross-White ​
  • ​Oncology - ​Marla Rosen and Greg Brown
  • ​Pediatrics - Jessica Champlin and Laura Patterson​
  • ​SPA - Mary Grace Amann

Representatives are also on the following long term committees:

  • Accessibility Patient Experience Advisory Committee
  • Art Committee
  • Barriers
  • Breast Well Follow Up
  • Cardiac Program Council
  • Cancer Centre Resource Education
  • CCO Navigation
  • CCO Toronto Patient Experience Advisors
  • Regional Cancer Patient & Family Advisory Council
  • Critical Care Program Council
  • Donation/Transplant Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Elder Friendly Steering Committee
  • Emergency Program Council
  • Emergency Quality Improvement Council
  • ICPM Steering Committee
  • IDEAS Strategic Patient Experience Advisory Committee
  • IPE Event Planning Working Group
  • Medication Safety Committee
  • Medicine Program Council
  • Mental Health Program Council
  • Neurosciences Change Team
  • OB/GYN Program Council
  • Oncology Program Council
  • Orthopedic Joint Practice
  • Palliative Care Committee
  • Patient Care & People Committee
  • Patient Education for Oncology
  • Patient & Family  Advisory Council
  • Patient Flow Task Force
  • Patient Safety & Quality Steering
  • Pediatric Program Council
  • Performance and Planning
  • Quality Improvement and Safety Mental Health
  • Queens Department of Oncology - Education
  • Queens Department of Oncology - Research
  • Oncology model of care co-chairs
  • Planning & Performance Council
  • Regional Stroke Steering Committee
  • Regional Renal Prg Steering Committee
  • Renal Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Research Management
  • Safe Reporting Committee
  • Skin Integrity
  • Smoke Free Committee (KGH)
  • Social Media Committee
  • Southeast Priorities & Planning Committee
  • SPA Program Council
  • Strategy Patient Experience Advisory Council
  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Systemic Treatment Committee
  • Trillium Gift of Life
  • University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

Additional information about the KGH Patient and Family Advisory Counci and other related sites: