Policies and Forms

KHSC policies and forms for research and research-related activities

forms and procedures


The following policies and forms have been developed to support your research activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Veronica Harris-McAllister
Director, Health Sciences Research
Kingston Health Sciences Centre
Kingston General Hospital Site
W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research
Connell 4, Room 2-4-018-3  
76 Stuart Street
Kingston ON K7L 2V7
Tel: (613) 549-6666 ext.3653


Access to Personal Health Information 09-140

Contract Management - Procurement of Goods and Services 03-005 

Disclosure of Personal Health Information 09-050

Facility Planning 05-135 

Health Research 11-150

Intellectual Property Policy - Hospital Employee - 01-121 

Intellectual Property Policy - University Faculty and Staff Members with Hospital Appointments 01-122

Personal Health Information Protection 09-055

Research and Clinical Trials Overhead 11-151

Research Hospital Appointment 11-012 

Research Restricted Accounts 03-021

Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Research 11-152

Travel and Hospitality 03-080 

Queen's Research Policies


 Research Hospital Appointment Application Package

Confidentiality Statement (Appendix C) 11-012

Confidentiality Agreement for Non-Hospital Individuals

Data Request Form (Appendix A) 11-150

Hospital Departmental Impact and Information Form

KHSC Computer Access Request Form (November 2016)

KHSC Pharmacy Services Study Request Form

KHSC Laboratory Services Study Request Form

KHSC Clinical Engineering Services Study Request Form

KGHRI Research Restricted Account Agreement Form (Appendix A) 03-021

KGHRI Terms of Reference Form (Appendix B) 03-021

Move Form (Appendix C) 05-135

Request for KGHRI Email Domain

Space Request Form (Appendix B) 05-135

Statement of Confidentiality and Hospital Principles (Appendix B) 11-150