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Imagine a world where…

  • A woman’s pregnancy can be used to help screen for potential future heart disease
  • Surgeons can target and remove cancerous tissue with pinpoint precision, leaving cancer-free margins and preserving healthy tissue
  • Engineered tissues and bone replacements are repairing painful joint damage caused by accident or disease
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KGHRI clinician scientist Ian Gilron is co-leading a new research network focused on chronic pain. 

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research under its Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) program, the  Chronic Pain Network represents the largest and most coordinated effort to advance knowledge and patient care for millions...Read more

It’s not just better lighting and the colourful new paint on the walls catching peoples’ attention these days around KGH. You may also have noticed the new TV screens that have been installed in several strategic locations, including waiting rooms and busy lobbies.

The screens are part of a partnership...Read more

The Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario (CCSEO), located at Kingston General Hospital has rolled out an innovative tool that allows the experiences of cancer patients to be captured and measured in real-time. The tool, built by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) is called Your Voice Matters.

Each time a...Read more