Preventing patients from falling is a safety priority at hospitals everywhere and with good reason. As Accreditation Canada points out, a patient fall can result in a serious injury, an increased length of stay and possibly lead to claims of clinical negligence. That is why it's created a ...Read more

12-year old McKenna Modler talks with CEO Leslee Thompson after presenting a cheque to the Children's Cancer Care Fund at Kingston General Hospital worth just over $96,000.

If anyone knows how difficult cancer treatment can be on children and their families, it's McKenna Modler. After her diagnosis with...Read more

When you're just out of nursing school, the Emergency Department can be a daunting place to start a career. But thanks to the Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG) initiative, the transition just got a lot easier.

“The move from student to nurse is the hardest transition a nurse will ever...Read more

Patients on Kidd 6 at Kingston General Hospital are going to notice a change in their care this week as a pilot project brings patient-centred care right to the bedside.

It's a new approach to the end-of-shift reports that take place every time one nursing shift ends and another begins....Read more

A new patient artwork gallery is now on display in Burr 1, right by the elevators in Kingston General Hospital. It features work from patients in our Acute Mental Health Unit and is known as the Expressions Gallery.

“This initiative has put art on walls which would otherwise...Read more

At the end of the recent fiscal year, the Kingston General Hospital Auxiliary was confronted with a happy dilemma -- just what to do with all the money it had raised?

“All those purchases people make at our Auxiliary Café, Tuck Shop, Gift Shop and Lottery booth certainly...Read more

More and more, people are putting aside the pens and paper in our emergency department to jump onto nearby computer terminals instead. Phase two of the Emergency Department Information System, or EDIS, has just gone live at Kingston General Hospital and at Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Now,...Read more

It's that time of year when the report cards are being sent out. And it's not just the kids who are getting their marks. This month, the Ontario Stroke Report Card arrived and there's an A-plus in there for Kingston General Hospital. We are the highest...Read more

Welcome to this Q4 and year-end update, highlighting our progress against our strategy and annual corporate performance goals. We're pleased to report that 80 per cent of our performance targets were met by year end.

This fiscal year marks not only the end of a positive year for Kingston General...Read more

These are some challenging times for research programs the world over. Thanks to the gloomy global economy, clinical trials are down and new funding is hard to come by.

But here at Kingston General Hospital, our research program keeps on growing, and in more ways than one. We've...Read more