KGH clinical labs receive full accreditation

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By Meaghan Quinn

Surveyors visited many areas to see our policies and procedures in action

KGH’s clinical laboratories were recently put to the test by the Institute for Quality Management in Health Care (IQMH) and passed with flying colours, achieving full accreditation for another four years. 

A team of seven peer assessors came to Kingston for three days to review all clinical laboratories at KGH on their compliance with the systems, processes and procedures set out for hospital laboratories.

“Each of KGH's 11 labs demonstrated compliance with more than 500 standards,” says Joyce deVette-McPhail, Director of Clinical Laboratory Services. “Achieving these results was a collaborative effort by teams and departments across KGH and speaks to the wide engagement of stakeholders that were involved in preparing for this accreditation process.”

Accreditation standards are always rising and this year was no exception. This survey included an increased focus on how to incorporate patient safety and proof of ongoing competency for each of the systems, processes and procedures we have in place.

Along with more requirements to meet, the assessors also went out across the hospital to talk with staff.

“The accreditors wanted to see first-hand how we are implementing lab policies and procedures so they visited numerous departments, including Information Management, Environmental Services, People Services and Occupational Health and Safety, to name a few,” says Donna Meekel, Senior Quality Technologist. “Through these conversations they saw first-hand how everyone across KGH has a role to play in helping us meet and excel on our standards.”

There were many areas that impressed the accreditors during their site visit, including the new technology and automated systems we have in place throughout the labs, our focus on risk with all policies and procedures, and the large scope of practice held by the KGH clinical laboratories.

Work for the next accreditation period is already underway.  The latest standards have just been released and are being reviewed to understand the preparation and requirements for the next accreditation period.