Students - pre-placement training

KGH serves approximately 2400  learners every year who turn to us for education and experience in everything from nursing to biomedical engineering to midwifery to pastoral care. Some come for training as part of their degree or certification requirements, while others are established professionals looking to advance their skills.

While many of our students come to us from Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College and other nearby schools, we also place students from across the country, from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island.

No matter where you come from, your education at KGH will expose you to many healthcare professionals and many experiences, which will enrich your understanding of what goes on in a hospital and prepare you for professional collaboration.

Workplace safety training

In Ontario, all unpaid students (secondary or post-secondary) are now considered "workers" under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This means that students must complete specific health and safety-related training before beginning their placement at KGH. Some of the training will be general health and safety (e.g. Workplace Violence, WHMIS, Worker Health & Safety Awareness) which your educational institution will deliver, while other training will be KGH specific and designed to orient you to the safety program at KGH.

Listed below are the KGH specific learning modules that you must complete prior to your arrival for their placement at KGH. Should you have any questions regarding these placement training requirements, please contact Tanja Potter

Emergency Codes

All students must complete this module:

Health and Safety training

All students must complete 1 of these modules:

Musculoskeletal Injury training

All students must complete 1 of these modules:

Smart Infusion Pump training

This module is for RN, RPN and RT students to complete: 

Please note that this learning module is a generic resource produced by the company.  Please refer to specific organizational policies regarding the care and use of these pumps.

Applying for placement

We welcome students and encourage applications. We accept students from universities, community colleges, independent accredited institutions and other healthcare centres. Ask your learning institution to make the initial placement inquiry by contacting Tanja Potter in Interprofessional Education.

We’ll need the following information from you to get the process started:

  • Your name
  • School name/program name
  • School program coordinator name and contact information
  • Duration of placement
  • Desired placement area at KGH
  • Placement area manager and/or preceptor and contact information
  • Placement objectives, if known

Our preceptors

One of the most important people you’ll meet during your placement here is your preceptor, an experienced staff member who will work with you one-on-one  for eight to twelve weeks to train and support you as you gain practical experience in your field.