Accessibility at KGH

Kingston General Hospital is committed to eliminating the accessibility barriers that people face every day. Whether these barriers are physical or if they are in the way we communicate, our attitudes, technology or in our organization, we will do whatever we can to support you. If you have comments, questions or concerns about accessibility at KGH or if you require information in another format, please phone us at 613-548-2359 or send an email to

If you would like to read our corporate Accessibility plan click here. If you would like to learn the locations of our accessible entrances and washrooms, click here. If you would like to learn more about accessibility services in Kingston, please visit 211 Ontario

If you have a hearing impairment

If you are a person with partial or complete hearing loss, your health care team will arrange to have a special-service telephone installed in your room. Special telephone services include:

  • TTY telecommunication service 
  • Higher decibel levels - you may also adjust to volume on the phones located in the hospital. 

Other types of devices available at KGH to assist with hearing impairments are:

  • Pocket Talkers, which are personal amplifiers that can aid in hearing conversations with your health-care team.
  • Closed captioned televisions – All of the televisions at KGH have closed captioning available if you are interested. To order a television, click here

If you have a visual impairment

Most of the elevators in the Connell, Kidd and Armstrong wings use audible signals to assist if you have a visual impairment. All of the elevators at KGH feature braille numbers on the control panels. We also have tactile numerals on the wayfinding signs located around the building on each level. 

Mobility Assistance

If you require assistance in getting around the hospital, we are happy to help. Porters are available to help with wheelchair transport and volunteers are available if you are ambulatory, but would like an escort. If you have an appointment and require assistance, please provide our clinic staff with as much advance notice as possible, and identify the level of assistance you require so that we can ensure that someone is available to help you. If you require a wheelchair when you are in the hospital, they are located at our main entrances for your use. Information desks are also located at our main entrances to provide further information and assistance.

If you or a loved one require assistance getting into or out of your vehicle, please call our Protection Services Department at 613-549-6666, extension 4142 and a security officer will assist you.

If you use a mobility device such as a powered chair, please keep in mind that they should not be operated at a rate above a normal walking speed in the hospital.

Temporary Disruptions

Whenever services including access to entrances, elevators and accessible washrooms is impacted, signs will be placed at the site of the closure indicating alternate accessible options. The signage will provide information including the nature of the disruption and if possible its anticipated duration. If you require assistance, please speak to a member of our staff.  

Interpretive services

If you need an interpreter, your care team will help you arrange for one. We have access to professional interpreters and translators and can arrange to have one on site for you.  

Service animals

Service animals are always welcome in the hospital, however we ask that all service animals have identification cards, harnesses or vests when in the building. We also remind service animal owners that they are responsible for their animal's care, supervision and behaviour while on site. For more information on service animals in the hospital, you may read our policy