About Us

KGH Research Institute


About Us

The KGH Research Institute (KGHRI) is dedicated to building innovative partnerships and pursuing excellence in patient-oriented research through a collaborative approach that leverages the combined strengths of all partners in translating knowledge into effective therapies, treatments and best practices.

Our Mission: 

We create and advance knowledge that brings evidence into practice for the benefit and empowerment of our patients, their families and our medical community.

Our strategic priorities:

  • Cultivate excellence in focused areas of research and education by increasing the number of outstanding scientists and trainees
  •  Invest in facilities and infrastructure to enable collaborative and multi-disciplinary research
  • Increase external research funding
  • Translate research into novel and effective therapies, treatments and best practices
  • Increase the dissemination and commercialization of new knowledge
  • Champion the creation of a Kingston Health Sciences Research Institute with our partner institutions

The W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Care

Imagine a research environment that brings scientists, treatment teams, patients and families together to improve health care.  The W.J. Henderson Centre for Patient-Oriented Research, slated to open  in 2016, will house a multidisciplinary hub for researchers and practitioners across the continuum of care. Our new centre will foster a spirit of collaboration and investigation, attracting top scientists and providing facilities that make it easy for community members and patients to participate in research activities. 


Take a look at the 2016 Year End Report: