Dr. Jennifer Flemming

About The Video

Breast and prostate cancer are often headline news – but liver cancer remains a largely hidden disease. According to the Canadian Liver Foundation, the death rate from liver illnesses has risen nearly 30% over the past eight years, and it’s estimated that one in 10 Canadians has some form of the disease. Dr. Jennifer Flemming, a clinician-scientist with training in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, is working to raise awareness about the looming impact of this illness on our health care system.

A common cause of liver cancer is Hepatitis C, which typically displays no symptoms until patients are diagnosed with end-stage liver disease. Dr. Flemming’s research focuses on trends and patterns in the disease to demonstrate how increased screening and diagnosis of this asymptomatic infection can help health professionals consider curative treatments that can prevent the development of liver cancer and cirrhosis.