Orientation, placement and training

Following an interview, you will receive an invitation to participate in hospital orientation. This involves the completion of eLearning modules (the information is also available in document-form from Volunteer Services) and attending an in-person orientation session at KGH.

Please be sure that you read your copy of the Kingston General Hospital Volunteer Services Handbook. It provides more details than are covered in the orientation process. It is also useful as a refresher or for clarification on policies and practices. Printed copies are available during the Hospital Orientation session or in the Volunteer Services Office.

In-­Person Orientation

You will be invited to register for one of the upcoming orientation sessions where you will learn about corporate and departmental policies and procedures. This includes information about safety and security, infection control, boundaries, confidentiality and privacy.


There are four eLearning courses that you are required to complete prior to attending the in-person orientation. The information in these eLearning modules is also available in a document format should you be unable to access the eLearning from a computer. The best browsers for viewing these modules are: Internet Explorer 9 (or more recent), Safari 5.1 (or more recent) and Google Chrome 17 (or more recent).

The following four modules must be completed before the in-person orientation. At orientation, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed these. Completion of these modules, either in eLearning or document format, is important to ensure that your experience as a volunteer at KGH is safe, secure and enjoyable. You can take your time to complete these, but please complete a module once you start it. Contact Volunteer Services to receive a document format, otherwise click on any of the links below to begin.

Volunteer Orientation eLearning module

This course provides you with important information about the Hospital and your role as a volunteer.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation

In this course you’ll explore the reasons why we make KGH an accessible workplace for ourselves and the people we support.

Communications Training

Communications training is the focus of the learning in this module, where you’ll be introduced to our nine expected behaviours.

Hand Hygiene Training

This brief course will provide you with the crucial fundamentals for hand hygiene. This course supports a KGH Quality Improvement Initiative.

Placement and training

Once a placement has been determined, initial training will be provided by a volunteer mentor or a staff member from the program or service that you’ll be volunteering with. Volunteers can also take advantage of other KGH learning opportunities posted in the Volunteer Services office.


When you have completed the intake steps and attended orientation, you receive a copy of the current list of volunteer vacancies to review. Based on your goals, experience and time-availability, a program or service is selected, which will include your weekly shift commitment. For more information about the areas where volunteers support patients and families at KGH, please click here, or request a print version from Volunteer Services.

Program Specific Training

Once a placement has been determined, you will be connected with your volunteer mentor or staff member for initial training. The format varies depending on the program but it is typically one-on-one or small group sessions involving a shadow shift with an experienced volunteer. We encourage participation in ongoing program-specific group meetings or presentations that focus on new policies or practices, new tools and resources.

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) training

This is a mandatory eLearning module for KGH volunteers who have been placed in the HELP program.  

On-­Going Learning

Click here for a list of upcoming learning sessions and presentations for current KGH staff, volunteers, learners and Patient Experience Advisors.  You can also request a print copy of the current learning calendar from Volunteer Services.